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Space Biology and Life Sciences, Professor Dr. med. Daniela Gabriele Grimm

Sounding Rocket - TEXUS

The german TEXUS program permits research in weightlessness through the use of sounding rockets. The rocket launches near the Swedish city of Kiruna and rises as high as 250 kilometers, providing about 6 minutes of near weightlessness. Experiments are selected by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Our group has the excellent opportunity to participate in the TEXUS 52 Mission as part of the FLUMIAS team and was furthermore selected for the Mission 53. During Mission 52 we will investigate cytoskeletal changes of FTC-133 with the help of a Spinning Disc Fluorescence Microscope. The Mission 53 will be used to investigate alterations in gene expression levels of FTC-133 during exposure to real microgravity.

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for further informations see DLR: TEXUS - Research in Weightlessness