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Scientific Reports currently welcomes submissions to the Collection Gravitational biology and space medicine (Guest Editor: Daniela Grimm). Submissions will be welcomed at any point up until the end of March 2019. Further information.

Gravimeeting 2018
06.-07.12.2018 in Erlangen, Germany


11.10.2018: PhD defense Sascha Kopp
Congratualtion Dr. rer. medic. Sascha Kopp for a successful defense at the University Hospital Magdeburg!

From 01.-05.10.2018 Daniela Grimm, Markus Wehland, Marcus Krüger, Sascha Kopp, and Mohamed Zakaria Nassef participated in the 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany.

On 05.09.2018 Markus Wehland, Sascha Kopp and Daniela Melnik participated in the CellBox-2 Post-Flight Review at the DLR in Bonn-Oberkassel.

On 24.07.2018 Mohamed Zakaria Nassef presented our Poster "The NASA-ESA-SPHEROIDS Project: The Effect of Microgravity on Endothelial Cells" during the ISSR&D Conference 2018 in San Francisco, USA.

From 18.-22.06.2018 Sascha Kopp, Marcus Krüger and Daniela Melnik participated in the ISGP & ESA Life Sciences Meeting 2018 in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

TEXUS-54 was successfully launched from Esrange Space Center, Sweden on 13.05.2018. We observed cytoskeletal changes in LifeAct transfected MCF-7 breast cancer cells with FLUMIAS-2 live on board the roket.
Participants of the TX54 campaign (29.04.-15.05.18): Sascha Kopp, Mohamed Zakaria Nassef, Daniela Melnik

09.05.2018: PhD defense Elisabeth Warnke
Congratualtion Dr. rer. medic. Elisabeth Warnke for a successful defense at the University Hospital Magdeburg!

On 26.04.2018 Markus Wehland participated in the Airbus Executive Microgravity Workshop during ILA 2018 in Berlin.

Markus Wehland gave a presentation about "Tissue Engineering of Multicellular Spheroids under Microgravity Conditions" during the International Symposium "Biofabrication in space: new opportunities for conducting biological experiments" in Skolkovo, Russia on 11.04.2018.

We participated with our experiment "Die Effekte der kurzzeitigen Mikrogravitation auf humane Mammakarzinomzellen" in the 31st DLR parabolic flight campaign at Bordeaux, France from 26.02. - 09.03.2018.
Participants: Marcus Krüger, Sascha Kopp, Mohamed Zakaria Nassef, Daniela Melnik, Stefan Riwaldt, Thomas. J. Corydon, Sara Dam Kobberø

Our team gives several lectures during the interdisciplinary modul "Forschung in Mikrogravitation" from 05.02. - 09.02.2018


FLUMIAS ISS Workshop: Live-Cell Imaging - Microscopy in Space
01.02.2018 in Immenstaad, Germany
Markus Wehland and Marcus Krüger participated (together with Johann Bauer) with the presentation "LifeCell-Imaging in Space: Microgravity-induced Changes of the Cytoskeleton in Human Thyroid and Breast Carcinoma Cells".

Biotechnology in Space
The new title of the SpringerBriefs in Space Life Sciences by Günter Ruyters, Christian Betzel and Daniela Grimm was published on 19.01.2018 (ISBN 978-3-319-64053-2).
The book summarizes the early successes, drawbacks and accomplishments in cell biology and cell biotechnology achieved by the latest projects performed on the International Space Station ISS. It also depicts outcomes of experiments in tissue engineering, cancer research and drug design and reveals the chances that research in Space offers for medical application on Earth.

On 15.12.2017 our CellBox-2 experiment on SpaceX CRS 13 was launched to the ISS from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.
For further information, see the blog for the CellBox-2 mission.

Current Knowledge in Thyroid Cancer - From Bench to Bedside
Guest editor: Daniela Grimm

In this Special Issue of IJMS, original studies on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapy of thyroid cancer, including genetics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular and cell biology, will be published. It will also cover reports on patients, providing novel mechanistic insights into the underlying pathogenesis or new aspects that may impact clinical therapy, and recent study results in order to review the current status of new therapy options in thyroid cancer.
The book ist now published online under the following link:

23rd ESA Symposium on European Rocket & Balloon programmes and related research
11-15 June 2017 in Visby, Sweden
Daniela Grimm, Thomas Corydon, Marcus Krüger and Sascha Kopp participated. Sascha received a SELGRA Conference Grant for this Symposium.

01.02.2017: New team members

Daniela Carvalho, M.Sc., started as a scientific temp in our labs in Magdeburg, Germany, and Sofie Frandsen as a Research Year Student in Aarhus, Denmark.

27.01.2017: CellBox-2 Meeting at Airbus Defence and Space in Friedrichshafen

Training with the new experiment units and progress meeting about the mission.

19.12.2016: Research Year defense Lasse Slumstrup

Congratulation Lasse for the successful year in our team. All the best for you.

12.12.2016: MD defense Stefan Riwaldt

Congratualtion Dr. med. Stefan Riwaldt for a successful defense at the University Clinic Magdeburg (Germany)!

01.11.2016: new resarch assitant in Aarhus

Asbjørn Petersen, M.Sc., started working in the lab in Aarhus.

13.10.2016: Paper accepted!
Paper npj Microgravity

01.10.2016: New team member Marcus Krüger

Our new colleague already joined us on the Parabolic flight so we got to know him a bit. Now he can start working full-time.

05.-17.09.2016: 29. DLR Parabolic flight Campaign

in Bordeaux, France. See also blog for the parabolic flight

06.07.2016: Kick-off Telecon for Cellbox-2

For further information about the Kick-off meeting, see our blog for the mission.

24.05.2016: Gewinner des Space Quizes der ersten "Magdeburger Space Night"

Die "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft" ist vorüber und damit auch die erste "Magdeburger Space Night". Wir haben uns sehr über das rege Interesse an unserer Arbeit gefreut und hoffen dem Einen oder Anderen die Arbeit in der Raumfahrts- und Schwerelosigkeitsforschung schmackhaft gemacht zu haben. Die kleinen und großen Besucher unseres Standes haben bei der Arbeit an der Zellkulturbank und den Mikroskopen großen Forschergeist bewiesen und auch die Beantwortung des Space Quizes mit Bravour gemeistert. Aus fast 100 Antwortzetteln wurden nun die Gewinner gezogen:

1. Platz: cooler Astronauten-Snoopy - Emma Niemann
2. Platz: Plüsch-Shuttle Atlantis - Sanquinette Lilly 29.03.2005
3. Platz: Schlüsselanhänger Weltraumaffe Ham - Elisabeth Krell-Rottengruber 25962
4. Platz: NASA Kartenspiel - Anna Koßmehl 1122

Bitte schreibt eine E-Mail an elisabeth.warnke*a*, damit wir die Übergabe der Preise besprechen können.

"Mageburger Space Night" zur "Langen Nacht der Wissenschaft" am 21.05.2016
Image credits: Markus Wehland, Jayashree Sahana.

19/20.05.2016: Successful harvesting of our ISS samples.

Our space samples returned safely from the ISS and are back in Magdeburg now. Today Jessica has harvested the samples which are now ready for further investigations.

For more details about the mission, check our blog during the campaign and the press releases from the DLR - "Raumfahrtmedizin: Wie verhalten sich Blutgefäßzellen im All?" or on the website of Gesundheit Sachsen-Anhalt - Magdeburg: Menschliche Endothelzellen im Weltraum".

08.04.2016: Successful launch of the SpaceX/Dragon-CRS-8 Mission carrying SPHEROIDS to the ISS on the 08. April 2016 at 4:43 pm from Caper Canaveral, Florida USA.

Fly Dragon Fly!

07.04.2016: The Launch of the SpaceX/Dragon-CRS-8 Mission carrying SPHEROIDS to the ISS is coming up tomorrow.

You can already find the first press clippings. Here is one by The launch has been further announced by:,, Der Nordschleswiger,, JydskeVestkysten, Ekstra Bladet, Metroexpress,, TV Ost Jytland and the title "Danske menneskeceller sendes op i rummet til forsog".

In order to see the launch, check NASA TV .
The broadcast is scheduled for 3.30 pm ET.

06.04.2016: The "11. Long Night of Science" is coming up in Magdeburg on the 21.05.2016 from 18:00-01:00.

We will be there with the "Magdeburger Space Night" . We are looking forward to see you there. Further details about what to see and do at our stall will follow soon.

04.02.16: MSc defense of Tawhidul Islam

Image credits: Tawhidul Islam.

Congratulation MSc Tawhidul Islam for a successful defense at the Università di Camerino, Italy! The title of his thesis is "Short-term effects of simulated microgravity on human breast cancer cells".

TEXUS 53 campaign launched Saturday February 23rd in Kiruna - Sweden

Attendees: Sascha Kopp, Markus Wehland, Anita Dittrich

Image credit: Sascha Kopp, Markus Wehland

If you like to re-experience the mission take a look on our blog here.
The DLR also published a press release about the TEXUS 53 campaign with short information about all experiments on board.

07.12.15: PhD defense of Ganna Aleshcheva

Image credits: Sascha Kopp.

Congratulation Dr.rer.medic. Ganna Aleshcheva for a successful defense at the University Clinic Magdeburg (Germany)!

09.09.2015: First web-presentation of the next SPHEROIDS project going to space on the ISS
Visit NASA homepage here.

07.07.2015: Prof. Grimm was presented the Compelling Results Award for the NanoRacks-Cellbox-Effect of Microgravity on Human Thyroid Carcinoma Cells during the 2015 ISS R&D Conference in Boston

Award Ceremony
For more information please click on the picture

02.06.2015:Our paper on chondrocytes on parabolic flights is the coverstory for the June 2015 issue of FASEB Journal

Title Page
For the correspondig press release please click on the title page

27.04.2015:Successful launch of TEXUS 52 at 6:55 a.m.
TEXUS 52 campaign 07.-28.04.2015 in Kiruna - Sweden
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Thomas Juhl Corydon, Markus Wehland, Sascha Kopp, Gunver Vestergard (journalist for Experimentarium), Jesper Rais (Aarhus University Communication)

Preliminary data show that the FLUMIAS microscope worked as planned and provided beautiful pictures
Image Credit: Markus Wehland

TEXUS 52 Launch from micrograv on Vimeo.

TEXUS Start from micrograv on Vimeo.

22.-25.03.2015: Proteomics Forum 2015, Berlin - Germany
Poster: Pietsch J, et al. "Protein determination in RNAlater-fixed cells returned from the ISS"

18.-20.02.2015 EST retrieval for our SPHEROIDS-Project at BIOTESC, Hergiswil - Switzerland
Scientist: Jessica Pietsch, Christin Baake
ESA, RUAG, Kayser Italia, Telespacio, BIOTESC

20.-22.01.2015: SpaceLife Doctoral Students Workshop, Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Germany
Attendees: Ganna Aleshcheva

18.-24.01.2015 EST (Experiment Sequence Test) for our SPHEROIDS-Project at BIOTESC, Hergiswil - Switzerland
Scientist: Jessica Pietsch, David Echegoyen, Christin Baake, Stefan Riwaldt
ESA, RUAG, Kayser Italia, BIOTESC

19.-20.01.2015: FLUMIAS Rocket Training at Airbus Defence and Space, Trauen - Germany
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Thomas J. Corydon, Markus Wehland, Sascha Kopp

08.12.2014: Master thesis defense of Sascha Kopp
Congratulations to Sascha Kopp, who has successfully defended his Master thesis with the title "The impact of simulated microgravity on human thyroid cells" at the RWTH Aachen.

26.-28.11.2014:Hypergravity experiments at the SAHC DLR, Cologne - Germany
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Markus Wehland, Thomas J. Corydon, Stefan Riwaldt

04.11.2014: Minisymposium "International Space Medicine" at the Aarhus University
The Minisymposium "International Space Medicine" was a very successful and enjoyable event.
Image Credit: Markus Wehland

A special thanks goes to our guests Prof. Daniel Otzen, PD Ruth Hemmersbach, Prof. Ralf Anken, Prof. Alamelu Sundaresan, Prof. Chun Yang and Prof. Janne Elin Reseland. We would also like to thank all participants from the Aarhus University for hosting and supporting the event.
You can find the program with the full list of speakers here:

03.11.2014: PhD defense of Xiao Ma
Congratulations to Dr. Xiao Ma, who has successfully completed his PhD at the Aarhus University.
Image Credit: Markus Wehland, Alamelu Sundaresan

29.10.2014: The experiments are working well, which gives our team some time to enjoy the flight days
at the 25th DLR parabolic flight campaign at Bordeaux, France
Image Credit and persons on the picture: Sascha Kopp (left), Thomas Juhl Corydon (right)

17.10.2014: Our teams is getting ready for the 25th DLR parabolic flight campaign at Bordeaux, France
We are very happy to participate with our experiments in this special anniversary campaign, as it will be the last one with this aircraft.
Attendees:Daniela Grimm, Ganna Aleshcheva, Markus Wehland, Thomas Corydon, Sascha Kopp, Jayashree Sahana
Image Credit: Markus Wehland

19.-21.08.2014: SVT retrieval for our SPHEROIDS-Project at BIOTESC, Hergiswil, Switzerland
Scientists: Jessica Pietsch, Elisabeth Warnke

14.-16.07.2014: SVT (Science Validation Test) for our SPHEROIDS-Project at BIOTESC, Hergiswil, Switzerland
Scientists: Jessica Pietsch, Markus Wehland, David Echegoyen, Elisabeth Warnke

01.07.2014: Announcement of the winner in the Space Rally - "Lift off! Cells in Space"
at the Science in the City Festival 21.-26.06.2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank you very much for visiting our stall and for your participation in our Space Rally, we have had a great time in Copenhagen.

Congratulations to the winner of the astronaut bed linen: Emil Bruderrek
and to the winner class in the school class rating: Fuglsanggardsskolen 8.C

Please contact in order to receive your prices.

21.06.2014: Successful first day at the "Science in the City Festival"
We have had a lovely first day at the "Science in the City Festival" in Copenhagen and are looking forward to much more visitors in the next days. Drop by to take a picture in front of our rocket and to learn more about space research. Weekendavisen
Image Credit: Markus Wehland

20.06.2014: Ready for the "Science in the City Festival"
Our team has arrived in Copenhagen, the stall is set up and we are ready and looking forward to a wonderful start of the "Science in the City Festival" tomorrow. Drop by at our stall so see the big red TEXUS Rocket,our groundbased devices for microgravity simulation, real flight hardware, our flight rack, Space food and much more. We also have great movies waiting for you and even a real ESA astronaut, Gerhard Thiele , will be at our stall on wednesday the 25.06. He will give a talk in the evening together with Jack van Loon, a well known Space researcher. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Festival.

22.05.2014: The cells are back
Yesterday at lunchtime 3 of our experimental units arrived safely back in the Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL, Florida). They have gone through 20 million kiliometers in Space and circeled 480 times around our Earth.

Image Credit: Jessica Pietsch

20.05.2014: Frontpage on
Our cells even made it to the frontpage on

And here you can find two more articel about our mission:

18.05.2014: splash down of SpaceX's Dragon capsule
At 3.05 p.m. EDT the Dragon capsule splashed down in the pacific ocean. We are looking forward to the opening and handover of our samples on the 21.

21.04.2014: Samples transferred to ISS
After successful docking of the Dragon capsule to the Harmony module of the International Space Station on the 20.04.2014, the hatch into the capsule from the ISS was now opened and the cargo unloaded.

18.04.2014: Finally the Falcon 9 successfully lifted from launch pad 40, on its way to the ISS

See the whole SpaceX-3 Launch video on NASAs launch blog:

08.04.2014: The new launch date for the SpaceX-3 mission is set for:
April 14, 4:58 p.m. EDT (22.58 CEST)

with backup opportunity on April 18, 3:25 p.m. Find out about the latest details on our blog:

27.03.2014: Launch of the SpaceX-3 mission is postponed again
Read more: NASA website

24.03.2014: The new launch date for the SpaceX-3 mission is now set for:
March 30, 22.50 EDT

Find out about the latest details on our blog:

14.03.2014: SpaceX-3 mission is postponed.
Our blog will keep you up to date:

06.03.2014: Our blog about the CELLBOX-Project is online
The team has landed in Orlando and is now looking forward to the launch of SpaceX to the ISS on March 16 . Take a look at the latest happenings:

02.02.- 14.02.2014: The group has successfully participated in the 24th DLR parabolic flight campaign at Bordeaux, France
Our experiments: "influence of short-term weightlessness on human chondrocytes during a parabolic flight and testing of transfected FTC-133 cells for the FLUMIAS-TEXUS-flight experiment"
were very successful and we are looking forward to analysing the results.

Image Credit:
Ferdinand Haag, Markus Wehland, Ganna Aleshcheva, Jirka Grosse, Elisabeth Warnke

18.12.2013: FLUMIAS- Meeting, Trauen, Germany
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Markus Wehland, Xiao Ma, Thomas Juhl Corydon, Elisabeth Warnke

04.12.2013: CELLBOX- and FLUMIAS- Meeting, Erlangen, Germany
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Markus Wehland, Jessica Pietsch, Xiao Ma, Ganna Aleshcheva, Elisabeth Warnke

11.11.2013 confirmation of our participation at the ESOF 2014
"Science in the City Festival" 21.-26.06.2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark
The group is looking forward to represent Aarhus University and Experimentarium, Department of Biomedicine - Space Medicine:
hand-on exhibition pieces, posters, spectacular videos and experttalks are planned - a great opportunity to inform the public about our exciting work

24.10.2013: CELLBOX Meeting, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Jessica Pietsch

16.-18.10.2013: SIMBOX Meeting, Aarhus, Denmark
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Jessica Pietsch, Markus Wehland

10.-11.9.2013: TEXUS experimental Meeting, Trauen, Germany
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Markus Wehland, Jessica Pietsch, Elisabeth Warnke, Xiao Ma

3.07.2013: MARS* - Opening in Magdeburg, Germany
*Magdeburger Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Forschung unter Raumfahrt - und Schwerelosigkeitsbedingungen
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Xiao Ma, Jessica Pietsch, Markus Wehland, Ganna Alshcheva, Elisabeth Warnke

18-20.06.2013: ISS/SPHEROIDS experimental Meeting, ESTEC - Noordwijk, Netherlands
Attendee: Markus Wehland

19.-20.02.2013: SPHEROIDS hardware training BBM, Nyon, Switzerland
Attendee: Jessica Pietsch

14.-15.02.2013: FLUMIAS Workshop, University Zürich
Attendee: Markus Wehland

8.02.2013: Master thesis defense of Elisabeth Warnke
"Untersuchung von humanen Schilddrüsenkarzinomzellen nach Bestrahlung: Effekte von Sunitinib"
Charite University Clinic Berlin

3.-13.09.2012: The group has successfully participated in the 20th DLR parabolic flight campaign at Bordeaux, France
"The influence of short-term weightlessness and hypergravity on human chondrocytes during a parabolic flight.
Extracellular matrix - integrin signalling"

A collaboration with Professor Chun Yang, Institute of Biomechanics and Medical Engineering, School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University, Beijing


August 2012: We have obtained a newly designed experimental rack for parabolic flights. The new rack now features a big incubator and connected sealed injection devices, and allows us to use more and bigger cell culture flasks per flight with a much easier fixation procedure.

8.06.2012: Newly appointed MSO professor for space medicine
Daniela Gabriele Grimm gives her inaugural lecture, Aarhus University, Denmark

14.-15.05.2012: SIMBOX Meeting, University Hospital Magdeburg
Attendees: Daniela Grimm, Jessica Pietsch, Markus Wehland, Xiao Ma, Ganna Aleshcheva, Elisabeth Warnke

7.-8.03.2012: FLUMIAS Workshop, EADS/ASTRIUM, Immenstaad/Friedrichshafen
Attendee: Markus Wehland

13.02.2012: PhD defense of Jessica Pietsch
"Proteomanalyse humaner Schilddrüsenzellen kultiviert unter Einfluss simulierter Schwerelosigkeit"
Free University Berlin

The experimental hardware has arrived in Magdeburg and we found spheroids in the microgravity samples.
This is the first report of thyroid cancer cell spheroids in Space.

Current state of the Shenzhou-8 mission:
The Shenzhou-8 capsule has landed


Touchdown of the capsule was at 12.35 CET of the 17.11.2011

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